Friday, November 01, 2013

Why I Stopped Taking Pictures of My Kid

There is a folder on my computer titled "BABY!!!!" (Yes, with 5 exclamation points).  It has folders within it of each month, starting with February 2012 when we first brought BB home. When this summer hit, the flood of pictures and number of folders slowed down considerably. I uploaded some photos in September only to realize that the last category of photos was from June 2013. So, I made a "Summer 2013" folder with about 10 pictures in it and recently a "Fall 2013" folder without about 30. 

Perhaps he just moves around too much or maybe I enjoy his play so much more that I've wanted to see him with my own eyes rather than the viewfinder of a camera. Whatever the reason, my love for him has grown deeper and deeper by the day. He cuddles, hugs and kisses without being asked. He still says "Mama" all day, with a grin and for no reason at all.

I've realized that the baby-days are fleeting and he is becoming a boy. So, I'm savoring all the cuddles, reading all the bed time stories, and singing him to sleep like I used to many months ago. These are things that cant be experienced through a camera lens.


  1. What a sweet boy! I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I really enjoyed our conversation at the PNW Bloggers event today :)

  2. I will admit to being addicted to taking photos that then just store up on disks and my computer lol but your right some things just have to be lived!


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