Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little Stories

I was telling Dan about some of the funny things BB has done while he is on tour and he was like, "You've got to write this stuff down!" So, here are a few little stories...

BB has seen me do yoga (in our living room) exactly one time. He knows where I keep the mats so he got my 2nd mat out and did it right along with me. How cute is that?! A few times since then he's gotten both mats out and said, "Yohh guhhh! Yohh guhh!!!", so we do yoga. It's awesome.

BB asked to use to the potty so I very excitedly got out his potty seat (which he didnt know existed) and for 30 minutes he tore off little pieces of toilet paper and shoved them into the potty. I think that's what he thinks ya do on a potty. So, we're not doing that again. Not for a while.

Ever since BB turned two and got to have cake he has been asking for cake. So when I made cake pops for my friend Lana's birthday and there was a leftover I let him try it. It was pretty much the best day of his life. He ate the cake pop and as soon as he finished he got up and ran in place with more exuberance than you can imagine. Just pure sugar-induced joy!

BB loves smoked salmon. It's probably his favorite food (besides cake). I was giving him a piece when he grabbed the container and ran off. I tried to stop him but he was fast and persistent and before I knew it the entire container of salmon had been eaten. A minute later a greasy, smiley, fish-smelly little boy emerged like he had just won the lottery.

Speaking of lottery, I think I hit the mommy lottery. He is the best.


  1. I love this post Lindsy, just little snippets of pure adorable toddler-ness and a Momma rejoicing in it. Love your last line too about the mommy lottery!

  2. You certainly won the mommy lottery!! These stories are absolutely precious. We saw a video where the parents gave their kid a "Potty Pop" when he went to the bathroom... I see cake-flavored potty pops in BB's potty training future. Haha!


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