Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Guest Post: Évah Pearl

My niece, Évah, is almost 11 years old and nearly 5 feet tall.  We haven't seen her in over 2 years because her family moved to South Africa - but we keep up with her through Facebook and her blog.  She has been blogging since she was six!  Here is a guest post about having fun in the kitchen!  And these photos are from a Lindsy-Évah-date to Hello Cupcake back in 2009.  I miss her!

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Today is Wednesday , so here’s the new chapter for my book called “The Book Of Laughs And Make – Belive ” . Today’s chapter is ” Top Ten Things To Throw In Kitchen ” . Here we go . 

Sometimes people just want to go crazy while in the kitchen . This is more frequent in women then men , but this is because women cook more . So the real reason women go crazy in the kitchen is because they are really agrivated when they start to cook , so when you burn the butter , turn the madness into catch , by throwing these ten things :

1. Bottom of broccoli stalk
2. Not fully ripe tomatoe
3. Empty plastic bowl
4. Cumin or Cinnamon bottles
5. Apples
6. Onion bulbs
7. Tortia chips
8. Juggle the garlic
9. Throw raisins in the air , then catch them in your mouth
10. Muffins

Really this is all in the make Belive category , so never do this . 

Writer and Singer ,

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  1. SHE SPELLS TOMATOE LIKE I DO! I love her already. Growing up learning French before English (i.e. formally, in school) has made me slap Es on the ends of words.


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