Friday, May 31, 2013

What BB's Thinking

My sister is the pro at making babies talk.  She adds captions to all my Facebook pictures of BB and I just die.  Making babies talk is one of my favorite things!  My friend, Ruthy, posted a series of photos of Parker Penny with hilarious captions and I decided to copy her.  So, without further ado.... What BB is thinking:

 "Umm... Mama! Look over there [while I put a banana in your coffee]!!!"

"Are you gonna help me get out of here?"

For all you Zach Galifianakis fans out there:  
Pretentious Illiterate:  "You knowww I dont know how to read."

"I think my cheeks are a little too fat.  Dont you?"

"What ball behind my head?  I'm not going to throw a ball in your face when you least expect it."

"Nobody puts BB in a bucket.  Unless I put BB in a bucket."

Happy Friday, everyone!  XOXO, Lindsy

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