Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've moved around a lot in my lifetime. 4 houses in my youth, college dorms, and then, since being married, 4 apartments, a year in France, 2 houses, a loft and our current rental home. I've moved 15 times. Dan's moved 25.  TWENTY-FIVE.  

We have been renting a lovely, little place since we became parents. We brought BB home to this place, decorated his nursery,  spent hours soaking up the sun in the backyard. It feels like a home and we have some wonderful memories here.

There's something so important about decorating your space, making it a home. I love to decorate and re-decorate.  Perhaps since I've moved so much I'm just accustomed to a perpetual state of unpacking and decorating.  When we lived in France, we rented an apartment for a year and couldn't decorate. We hung a map on the wall, put out a miniature nativity set at Christmas. Still, it didn't feel like home. The walls were plaster and the floors were tile and we were using someone else's furniture. Plus, we didn't have the money to re-decorate. It felt temporary and it never felt like home. Since then, I've realized the importance of creating a living space that you enjoy.

I want BB to feel home wherever he is. I dont know how often we'll move; hopefully less than Dan and I did.  Throughout his life I want him to associate our silly antlers and custom paintings, giant floor pillows and black dishes, briefcase record player and green and gold striped armchairs with home.  

What do you do to create the feeling of home?  Do you re-decorate for each season?  Keep things the same?

Also, I want to hear how many times you have moved!  Can anyone beat Dan's 25 times?

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  1. I've moved 17 times including college dorms and apartments after college. Brads parents still live in the house they brought him home from the hospital to and I kind of love that. But I also get pretty restless if I don't at least rearrange the furniture. I'm hoping we meet in the middle and move maybe 1 or 2 more times so our kiddos have a steady place to call home.

    Love your style!! Wish I could paint some decent looking artwork for our house! :)

  2. Oh man...i've moved so many times! If you include my summers selling books I've probably moved close to 25 times!

  3. I've moved 18 times since I graduated high school in 2000. Crazy

  4. I've moved 18 times since I graduated high school in 2000. Crazy


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