Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Terrarium

I've had this beautiful glass thing for about 6 months.  I decided it needed to be a terrarium so I looked up how to make one and it's so easy and pretty I thought I'd share!  

First, you need an interesting glass container.  Mine was a gift but it was probably from Pier 1 or World Market. You'll also need small pebbles, potting soil and some plants. The plants I bought are tropical plants that need sunlight.  My terrarium is on the southern side of the house because it will get sun almost all day..... when we have sun.

Put a layer of stones in the bottom of your container.  These will help retain moisture in the soil.  Then, add a layer of soil;  dont put in too much now because you need space for your plants.  After some of the soil goes in you can plant them any which-way you like.  I tested out different arrangements at the store while I was picking them out and chose three plants with a lot of contrast in size and style.  Pop those babies in your soil, add some more for covering.  Then water.  Due to the glass case and the container (i.e. not a pot with a drain hole) you shouldn't have to water too often.  Place it somewhere that it gets sufficient light and voila!  

I went to the PNW Blogger Meet-up in Seattle last night!  Those of you who met me there might recognize this outfit because I built my terrarium about an hour before we left.  I had such a blast!  And, if you're here for the first time.... Welcome!  



  1. This is awesome! I have one plant in my house right now, but this totally inspired me to make my own terrarium. Gorgeous

  2. I am so on the hunt for a funky glass container so I can put one in my living room window! It was awesome to catch up with you at the PNW blogger meetup.


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