Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogger Meet Up: Round 2

I didn't take any blog-worthy photos at the PNW Blogger Meet-up.  I always feel strange busting out the "big girl camera" (as my friend Rachel calls it) when there's a designated photographer at an event and Linnea Paulina, the sweetest lady in the world, was on camera duty.  I wore pants without any pockets so I didn't even use my camera phone!  Except for a guy on the street outside the venue took this picture of Grace from Grace Loves the Beatles, Rachel from And Then She Snapped, Ruthy from Discovery Street, me and Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky - and it's really blurry.  Great job, GUY!

This was my second PNW Blogger Meet-up.  The first was back in November in Portland.  This time, I rode up to Seattle and met an attic-full of bloggers at Von Trapp's in Capital Hill.  Brats, $12 beers, and indoor bocce ball.  This place was cool!  The loft was loud and I immediately regretted wearing a sweater (because, hot) but other than that I had a great time.  I was inspired by Ruthy (who is the friendliest person ever - check out her post How Not to be Awkward at a Blogger Meet-up) and attempted to meet everyone in the room.  I brought home about 20 business cards and met so many great people!  I also got to catch up with a lot of people from the last meet-up, which was super fun!  

Check out some Portland bloggers: Spencer of 12oz Bee House, Sarah of Will Run for Pasta, and MaryAnn, Cloth Life, just moved to Portland.  I just love Portland and Portlanders.  In Seattle, it was great to meet up with Ericka and Carina again.  As well as meet Lilly from Rake and Make who has a very unique blog about plants and art and such.  If you want to see who was there and find some more PNW Bloggers visit the official PNW Blogger site.  


  1. i still can't believe how many bloggers I didn't meet! Wanna host a meet up with me in ttown?

    1. Yes! Let's do it! Libby was talking about doing one, too.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Lindsy! That was such a fun event and I wish it happened more than once a year!


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