Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bath Time

Bath time is my favorite time!  Dan doesn't like giving BB a bath because he gets claustrophobic in our bathroom so it's always been my special time with the kiddo.  We have squirty toys and we laugh and blow bubbles.  He stays in until the water is all gone and then I wrap him in a big towel and go lotion him up.  It's the best.  BB loves bath time therefore I love bath time.

What's your favorite task or time of day with your little one?


  1. Hey!! Just wanted to stop by and say, first of all, how cute your little one is. I love bath time too, but I don't have any kiddos...I just love it for me! haha.

    No, but to also thank you for the Kumbacha* suggestion. I've never heard of it and I'm going to look into it now!

    1. Thanks! It's fermented tea that's supposed to help aid digestion. I know that sounds weird but it's good! It's expensive to buy (about $3/bottle) but you can make your own for super cheap ($1/50 a gallon!!)


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