Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Rainy Seattle Day

Last weekend, we felt like spring was here.  We had a glorious, sunny Saturday.  The best weather of 2013 for sure.  On Sunday, we drove up to Seattle to see my friend, Jordan, who I've toured with before, and his wife, her sister and her sister's husband.  We did a whole lot of walking around, went into the Seattle Underground, shopped.  It was lightly raining - "misting", if you will- but not too bad.  We had fun!  I love exploring cities and even though I've been to Seattle a million times I always enjoy it.

What's your favorite city to explore?


  1. love seattle, rainy day or not. :) it's a good place to explore because there are so many little area, up through fremont and ballard and then in the city, etc. :) love finding breweries tucked into residential areas.
    kw ladies in navy

  2. seattle is pretty great in general. i live in west seattle. love it.


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