Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day | Pep Talk

In honor of Valentines Day we are sending you a pep talk from Kid President. I saw this video on Courtnie's blog and I laughed and I cried. Sometimes Valentines Day is sad so, if you need a pep talk, watch this video and know that you were made to be awesome because Kid President says so. Please take 3 and a half minutes to watch it. You wont be sorry.

I found out last night that BB has a Valentines party to go to today!  So, I made the worlds worst Valentines last night.  I cut out red hearts and glued them on blue squares and my plan was to decorate them this morning but someone wasn't into that idea.


Seriously, full on tantrum because I let him play with paint and markers!   

Happy Valentines Day from Traveling Dad, Tired Mom, and Snot-nosed Baby!


  1. My idea of "valentine crafting" for Butter turned into a tantrum too! Any near future crafts are feeling very uncertain :(

  2. i love that Kid President video. i was having the worst day ever last week and i watched it & cried.
    and poor BB! hahaha!

  3. Aww BB!! Boogers make me cry too. :/

    That video is awesome, Lindsy! Ahh - I love it. I just emailed it to a few of my friends in hopes that it will be as encouraging to them as it was to me. I'm so ready to dance. Haha!


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