Thursday, January 03, 2013

My Style Resolution

Dan and I made some goals for 2013 but I only have one resolution:  to dress better. I work from home and I don't get out as much as I used to but that doesn't make it okay to wear yoga pants and hoodies all day, comfy as they may be. Last year, I downloaded Hayley Morgan's digital book The No Brainer Wardrobe for $7.99 and it has been a great help. Morgan suggests using Pinterest to create a board of what types of clothing and styles you like.  So, I started pinning and then I looked through photos of myself.  It was really hard to NOT be critical. I mean, I went through tons of photos and I was like, "Did I really wear that ... and then get my picture taken?!"   Yep, I wore it.  And, I noticed a few things about my personal style:
  • [If I'm wearing color] I like solid, bold colors like green and red and gold.
  • I wear a lot of black, gray and denim.
  • I like skinny jeans.
  • I like flowy, chiffon dresses and skirts.
  • I am scared of prints - except for plaid shirts and leopard print accessories.  
  • I don't accessorize nearly enough.
Do you ever buy an article of clothing and think that this is the type of thing you want to wear but secretly you know you never will? I do it too often. My closet is full despite my many trips to the thrift store donation bins. The No Brainer Wardrobe suggests that 50 - 60 items of clothing is plenty. That seems impossible but I really, truly would like to simplify my life by simplifying my closet; thus, making getting ready for my day a much easier (possibly enjoyable?) task. Less options might make getting dressed each day less daunting. I think that my style is vintage, grunge-chic.  So, here are some ideas for my style resolution:
  • Accessorize! Take advantage of my antler necklace display and piles of bracelets, belts, and earrings to add a little spice to any outfit.
  • Plaid/ collared shirts under sweaters.
  • Skirts with tights or skinny jeans.
  • Try prints in scarves and shoes, not clothes.
  • Tucked in T-shirts with belts.
If you read this post, you will know that I don't like getting ready but I do like looking good (who doesn't?).  So, I am hoping that this simplified plan will help me figure out what to wear everyday.   Have any of you had a style makeover or revelations you'd care to share?

My Style Board on Pinterest.  Follow me: LMRphotos!
Happy New Year!
XOXO, Lindsy


  1. as a daily sweats/yoga pant wearer, i feel like every time i see you, you are so fashionable!

    1. Thank-you, Ruthy! I feel like YOU always look fashionable, too. But, I dont feel that way. I just need to spend a little more time on myself which, as you know, is hard with a baby!

  2. Love your new years resolution! such a fun one! I definitely need to work on the accesorizing too! fo' real.

  3. Great resolution! I need to do the same thing, maybe I'll check out that book. I defiantly need help with my wardrobe style!!

  4. "I am scared of prints - except for plaid shirts and leopard print accessories"

    That is me to a T! Except I like zebra, too. ;)

    1. Ha! How funny. Great minds think alike!


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