Monday, December 03, 2012


We've been laying low the past week because all three of us have a lingering cough.  I picked it up on the flight to Nashville two weeks ago and then Dan got it and BB was sick from our return home.  It's the kind of sick where you feel fine but you cough every once in a while - or constantly.  Last weekend I had a headache from all the coughing, like as if my brain was being abused by all the violent shaking that comes with a vicious cough.  I am happy that we're all 90% better and looking forward to feeling 100% soon.  Hopefully very soon.

BB is in a phase where he wants everything that we have.  So, the other day, I poured myself a mug of eggnog and he wanted it so I let him try a little.  A little was not enough!  He demanded more so I proceeded to refill my glass with a little shot of eggnog over and over and over until I realized he probably shouldn't be drinking so much eggnog.  He was so pleased. 

In our society of instant gratification, 24-hour groceries stores and online shopping, seasonal items like eggnog and peppermint ice-cream are so precious to me!  I love eggnog!  Do you like eggnog?  What is your favorite seasonal thing?


  1. I love the shot of him licking the glass. So cute!

  2. Eggnog is the BEST! I've had an eggnog latte a few times a week since they've been available at Starbucks. SO delicious.

    I love that BB likes eggnog so much. He's adorable!

  3. You hit the nail on the head with the peppermint ice cream.. defiantly one of my favorite seasonal things! All things peppermint are wonderful, really.
    PS:Your kid is adorable and I love the cup. :)

  4. SO cute! Every year we get this special eggnog that we love from a pub in Annapolis. They import it from Ireland and suffice it to say it is not for the kiddos, but it's called Galway Bay Irish Eggnog and it will knock your socks off. Love that BB drinks from a mason jar at such a young age!

  5. How cute! He was really loving it. I'm picky and get caught up in things that may have nothing to do with the taste of the food itself so when I think of eggnog I think of drinking eggs which doesn't sound appealing; hence I have never tried it. I'm probably really missing out! This time of year I love See's Candies. I don't know how seasonal that is but it's the only time I give myself permission to just eat as many as I want!!

    1. @Cece eggnog isn't for everyone....my husband didn't even like it! I love See's Candies! That's a fun tradition!

  6. I LOVE eggnog!! These photos of BB are too cute. Haha - I don't blame him for wanting more!!


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