Monday, November 05, 2012

PNW Blogger Meet Up

On Saturday, I went to my first ever blogger meet up!  I traveled to Portland with my friends Ruthy from Discovery Street and Carlee from LifeSmith for a schwanky event at West Elm.  I have never been to West Elm but I am in LOVE with it, specifically the Papier-Mâché animal heads!  I want them all.

Grace and Me!
I met so many wonderful bloggers!  It was so great to meet Carina from Lovely Little Whimsy and  Erika from Rouge and Whimsy (hey! That's two whimsies!) and Sarah from Cranny + B... and many, many more!  Plus, hanging out with two of my favesies:  Rachel from andthen-shesnapped and Grace from Grace Loves the Beatles.  It was so great to connect and hear about all the different types of blogs from mommy blogs to fashion/style blogs, food blogs, and interior design blogs.  I am inspired!

I won a $50 gift card to Whole Foods!  In fact, I said "I want that!" but when Chelsey called my name I thought she was saying "Eleanor" when in fact she said "LMR" and so I went "OHHH :(" then "OHHH! :)" as in "That's me! I am dumb!"  Yay for free things and being silly!  Everyone was talking about Whole Foods turkey so it must be super good!

Looking forward to the next event!  XOXO, Lindsy

The Paper Mama Blogger Meet Up


  1. it was SO fun to meet you! erika and I talked about doing a little dinner/happy hour meet up in January with some locals - meaning you! :)

  2. It was way fun hanging out! We should do it more often. :)

  3. Lindsy,
    It was so nice to meet you. I am so inspired by you to get a tattoo :) ha! Seriously, though, I really am! Also, I'm super jealous that you won the turkey. Lucky you :) Although, I myself did win some pretty shwanky carpet cleaner, wink wink :) Hope to see you at the next meet-up. Have a wonderful week!

  4. So glad you came. I love your hair and the dress you wore! I wish I had been able to chat a bit! But, I hope to see you at the next event!


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