Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ruthy [& Parker] : Part III

We completed Ruthy's photo series with little Parker Penny!  This three part series was inspired by a photo series I saw on Pinterest via this blog: Baby Space.  Part 1:  the newly pregnant woman with a positive pregnancy test; Part 2:  the baby bump;  Part 3:  the baby!  

Parker is in a harness, as you might notice in some of the photos.  Ruthy wrote on her blog
The last 14 days have been a journey; mostly filled with awe, wonder, love and joy--mixed with moments of fear, frustration and heartache. I sometimes still can't believe I have a daughter. I look down at this blonde haired, blue eyed girl and think how did she come from me? She has a peaceful spirit--I feel blessed so far that she's not really fussy. We've had a couple of rough nights, but for the most part I'm getting adequate sleep and she sleeps between 3 and 4 hour stretches. The harness and her hip dysplasia are by far the most challenging thing I've dealt with. I've cried tears of anger and frustration over this contraption that I should be thankful for. Every day is getting better, though. Each day I seem to be able to maneuver around it a little better and cry a little less. I pray over her body every time she nurses that God will perform a miracle and heal her hips - and my heart.
If you're the praying type please keep Ruthy, Andy and Baby Parker in your prayers.  I have faith that Parker will be healed and that brace will come off.  We're so happy that she's here and that mama and baby are doing well!  Love you!


  1. Lindsy i just love it!! it brought me to tears! thank you so, so much! can you send me the html of this post? I'd like to post it on my blog! thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  2. This series is adorable! I love seeing the little one out and about! :)

  3. Precious. Nothing like a new babe and a new mama. <3

  4. Oh my gosh, I love how these turned out! I love the sequence photos...very cool!


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