Friday, August 17, 2012

My MOH Speech

I am so honored to be with two of my best friends today. I’ve have the rare privilege to know Sara my whole life! We grew up together, our parents are friends. We have always enjoyed getting into mischief together and when the two of us get together, lets be honest, we’re pretty annoying. We spent every summer at Camp Tapawingo where we’d harass people like Mr. Fatootie, our counselor named Gay, and pretty much anyone who would listen to us.

I have a story that starts in 1999. Sara and I were going to be sophomores at Mtn View High School but that year they were adding freshman, too. So, there were two incoming classes of kids. That summer, Sara and I realize that a family friend, Matt Butenschoen, was going to be at school with us. And we realized (or we hoped) that Matt as well as his brother, Tyler, and Sara’s brother, Ryan, are the keys to meeting lots of hot guys. [Beacause, obviously]. We already knew Tyler and Ryan really well so Sara and I go after Matt. He basically brushed us off – we thought he was shy but now that I know him better I am pretty sure he was totally annoyed by us. When school started, I have a vivid memory of seeing Matt and Rob in the halls and I think Matt introduced us to his tall, beautiful friend. I get to Spanish class and this friend of Matt’s sits in front of me. He had me laughing from the second I sat down and as you can probably tell, Matt and Rob became a staple in our lives. We started hanging out with them all the time.

About a year went by and Rob and I hung out after school and he was acting a little strange. I could tell he had something important to tell me. When I dropped him off at his house he turned to me and said “Lindsy, I’ve been hanging out with Sara a lot. I think I’m going to pursue a relationship with her.” I was anything but shocked. Even though it took 12 years to get here, I cant imagine two friends who have been through so much and truly loved each other as friends. They’ve tried to date a few times here and there but it never worked out for one reason or another. They’ve been on vacations, mission trips, sports teams and leadership teams. They know each other so well but have never let their relationship grow stagnant or boring and this will serve them well in their marriage.

It was 9 years ago that Sara was my maid of honor and Rob was an usher in my wedding and I have a piece of advice that I wish someone had told Dan and I. Don’t try to live up to anyones expectations or your own preconceived notions of what a married couple should be like. Due to your history and your friendship, you guys have such a beautiful identity as a couple already and I want to encourage you to just be YOU. I am so excited that Rob and Sara are together because they aren’t just good for eachother, they’re good for others as well. They are exciting, encouraging, loving and patient. They’re always there when you need them.

When Sara called me in January of 2011 to tell me they were making it official I think I said “FINALLY!” … and then I started writing this speech. I’m not kidding, I actually started writing some notes about what I would say during their wedding speech. I could tell this was going to be different from before. They had made a commitment to work on their communication and despite the fact that it all came down to a game of Ones-and-Twos, they took their decision to start dating (again) very seriously. We all saw it coming, They just needed some time to grow and to see it for themselves. I’m so happy they did.

So, I would like to toast to Chuck and Judi, Bob and Linda– for raising two of the best kids I’ve ever known. To Matt for introducing us all and unknowingly going along with our ‘meeting guys plan’. I’d like to toast to our amazing crew of friends. And, finally, I would like to toast to two of my very best friends in the entire world. To my Tortuga and to Sarboo double Oh 7! I love you both so much! To many years of happiness and friendship and love! CHEERS!!!

August 2012

August 2001

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