Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Leaf - Album Review

I was called upon to review the brand new, self-titled album A Leaf.  I gladly accepted the challenge because I love A Leaf!  If I had to describe their sound, I'd say that it's like Oasis stopped fighting and married Dr. Dog and then had an affair with Coldplay and The Beatles.

Their sound is unique, their live show is incredible, but what I really love about A Leaf is their story.  Nate and Shannon have been making music since they were kids.  They learned how to sing together so their voices blend incredibly and sometimes I can't tell whose voice is on which track.  Chris and Steven have been around for years, giving this quartet a rich, deep history of love and friendship that is unmatched in any band that I know of.

I've seen A Leaf play live many times.  I've heard every song on this album in bars and venues all over town.  A Leaf is one of my favorite live bands so I was eager to hear the record, especially since Nate, a perfectionist who has never liked anything they've recorded, is so excited about it.  I realized that Nate's excitement is justifiable after just the first track, "Wherever We Go".  The magical melody makes me feel like I'm living in a snow globe.  Lay back and contemplate your life as you listen to Painting Our Shadows or tap your feet to Everything and Banker while you try to match A Leaf's incredible 3-part harmonies.  I absolutely love chanting "I know you're gonna pull me outta this hole" on Grey and the guitar solo in White Shoes is probably my favorite.

So, if you are in the mood for some new music and you want to spend the best $7 you've ever spent, buy A Leaf's new album.  If you hate it, I will pay you back.

LOVE A LEAF LINKS:  Bandcamp  |  Facebook herehere |  Twitter @A_Leaf_Band  |  iTunes

You're moving through me
Leaving some of you
Taking some of me
- Into the Light Undreamed, A Leaf

She's wondering "why"
Just like we are
She looks up to the sky
hoping for a shooting star 
And she's holding her breath 
as it passes by

And we are all here
- White Shoes, A Leaf 

I know you're gonna 
pull me outta this hole
I know you're gonna 
estore my soul
- Grey, A Leaf
Photo by Paul Balmer

Watch this.  They are actually singing and playing... in a VW bus.

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