Thursday, July 05, 2012

Thrifting Success

I rarely get the chance to shop anymore.  I just dont think it's fun for BB so I just don't shop very often while Dan is touring.  Nothing is quite as boring to a 10 month old as wandering around a thrift store.  But, last week, I did it anyway because the purpose of my trip was to find some new, interesting toys for this growing boy.

BB loves to play and is content sitting on a blanket and tinkering with his toys.  Some of his toys are getting old.  Even I'm bored with them.  So, I wanted to find things that made noise and popped open and were EXCITING!  I hit the jackpot at a local children's thrift store and I used a 50% off Living Social voucher so I got two times the loot for what I paid.  

The toys are fun and exciting and he's been enjoying them.  I was pleased to find the cutest little man-coat and big boy jeans for this fall.  I died when I found the red and blue striped romper (just in time for 4th of July!) and I even found the cutest yellow helmet for him to wear as I tow him around behind  me on my yellow bike.  

Ladies and Gentlemen..... THRIFTING SUCCESS!

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  1. Love! Especially the helmet. And the red and blue romper. Oh and the big boy jacket. Ok...all of it!

  2. OOOOooooo. Love the jacket! I go thrift shopping for Mack all the time. We should go together in The Couve. There are 3-4 places now I like to visit. You would like them and BB would like you for the new threads :)

  3. i cannot wait to have a little so i will have a proper excuse to do more thrifting! =D i love the idea of secondhand for kids {toys, books, clothing}. it just makes such good sense.

  4. Adorbs. Where did u get the stuff?

  5. That romper is so cute! I love it!

  6. AWESOME! I need to know the name of the shop. Good work!

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  7. Wow, you seriously scored! Such cute stuff!

    I LOVE thrifting! Like whoa.

    Thanks for commenting on my silly blog!

  8. Great finds!! I love love thrifting too! Most of my little guy's toys and clothes were found at garage sales--they have some seriously awesome deals.


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