Sunday, July 01, 2012

Goodbye, Washington

Washington, I think I am getting sick of pretending that I like you.

I mean, I DO like you.  I love you, so much.  But, sometimes I wonder if this love is like the love that Joey has for Dawson in that you're the only thing I really know.  I'm comfortable with you and I've known you my whole life. (Dawson's Creek is on Netflix, B-T-dubs, and I'm totally into it.  More now than I was in 1998 which is totally rad).

I always thought it was "normal" to be able to wear a sweater all year long, that my "winter wardrobe" doesn't get put away every spring, or that your "summer clothes" fit into one corner of a drawer in your dresser.  I've been packing for our trip to the Midwest and I brought all of mine and BB's summer clothes.  Literally, all of them.  It's a nine day trip which means I only have nine days worth of summer clothes.  Which is kind of funny but also kind of sad.

I love hot weather.  I would love to feel like I'm in a sauna or steam room all the time.  I love sun.  Sometimes when the sun peaks out, I just go outside and pretend to do something just so that I can be in the sun.

So, we're going to the Midwest!  The Midwest is having a heat wave and I'm pretty excited.  I'm excited to see Dan (he's been on tour for 2 weeks), I'm excited to see our family, and I'm excited to see the sun.  Exciting times, my friends!

Ironically, this photo WAS taken in Washington.


  1. You had me at the Joey/Dawson comparison! Oh, I do know what you mean about the sun. I just love it, too (which is a good thing since I live in South Florida). Happy and safe travels to you and BB!

  2. Consider me the bah humbug of the sun. Especially now that I tend to break out in a heat rash whenever the temp hits above 82.

    Enjoy the warm weather, but don't make my rash flare up by dragging you back here. We love you guys too much to let you leave. :)

  3. oh my! I so relate... being a brazilian living in seattle has brought me lots of 'hate this weather' days =(
    enjoy your trip and the sunshine. nice meeting your blog, xo.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following you, too!

  4. Looks like you guys had a fun trip! I am loving the weather here lately, of course we don't have humidity...I would probably die then.


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