Monday, June 25, 2012

I ♥ My Bike

Dan got me a bike for Christmas.  It was just the bike I wanted only he didnt buy it new from stores (he's a thrifty dude).  He found it for free on Craigslist and it was totally used and abused. So, really what he got me for Christmas was a project.  I'll admit, I had a lot of fun getting it working.  First, we took it apart and I sprayed the frame yellow.  Then, I got a baby and I left it in my neighbor's garage for a few months.  (Sorry, Andy!  It wasn't bike-riding-weather anyway).  

Some friends put it back together a few weeks ago but we didnt have all the right tools to get it just right.  That's when our friend Dan told us about 2nd Cycle, a non-profit that helps fix their bikes.  They sell used bikes and recycled bike parts.  Since I didn't take any of their parts I didnt have to pay but I made a donation for all the time they spent with me.  Now this beauty runs like a champ!  I bought a baby trailer to hook up to the back so we can go on rides as a whole family.  I'm going to use it to pick up BB from daycare today.  It's finally bike weather now and I'm so excited to ride!


  1. AWESOME! That is the best color!

  2. well, i'll definitely know its you biking on the streets! can't miss ya!

  3. I love the yellow! It's so perfect for you!!

    1. The real question is: What does Drexman think?

  4. So perfect!! I can't believe someone gave that treasure away for free but it's obviously in much better hands now! I'm sure BB will love cruising behind it!


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