Thursday, May 03, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Embracing the camera today with the Anderson Crew!

This is me and my boo boo last week.  Taken by Dan.  I'd had a work meeting that lasted pretty much all day so I was super excited to be home and cuddle with BB!  It was a great reminder that I am so fortunate to work from home - and to have Dan home with us.  We spend a lot of time together.  Even though Dan travels for days at a time, when's not touring  we're all home and it's so so so so fun.  It makes me wish we could be independently wealthy and just treat every day like it was a Saturday.  Doesn't everyone wish that, though?
Sick little baby.

BB is sick so he's super, extra cuddly and also super, extra cranky.  I took a picture of him last night cuddling on my shoulder because I was tagged in an Instagram post asking what I was doing at that moment (see, kinda obsessed with Instagram).  It was so sweet, not having anything to distract me, nothing to do, but just comfort this sweet child.  You can just tell that they feel better in your arms when nothing else will help.  He was a little better this morning so hopefully it will just be a quick little bug and he'll be back to his happy self.  

He better!  He's got grandparents here to play with!


  1. So cute! I'm sorry he's sick though...hope all is better soon!

  2. Stopping by from Embrace the Camera...what a great picture!! Hope baby is better soon!


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