Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In January, Dan and I visited Arizona for two weeks, between his touring schedule.  It was sort-of a pre-baby trip.  I mentioned in one of the posts that we spent some time with the "VK" family.  Well, we have a baby now and Dan had one last tour to do before he took some time off.  The VK ladies were in need of a getaway so it was a perfect opportunity for Mama VK and her two beautiful daughters to come visit Washington and meet little Baby Bread.

They were amazing!  They got us some of the CUTEST gifts including a fleecy, lambswool stroller bag and skateboard PJs and little leather shoes.  We watched movies and ate delicious food.  They got to experience the unpredictable, crazy weather this time of year.  One day, we woke up to rain, then there were mid-morning snow-flurries, afternoon sun, and more rain in the evening.

They definitely made the most of their time!  They spent two days and one night in Forks, WA because they are Twilight fans and they also saw the cast of The Hunger Games at a mall in Seattle.

It was so fun having friends around to love BB and keep me company.  I also love showing off Tacoma.  I took them to Stadium High School and then we watched 10 Things I Hate About You, which they had never seen and I have seen a million times.  I will never get sick of the Stadium/10 Things show-and-tell.  Come visit me.  We'll do it.

I cant wait to see the VKs again!  Love you guys!

All's quiet at home.  Dan's done touring for quite a while!  And today is his birthday!!!  We have a quiet evening planned with delicious, fattening food.  Happy birthday to Dan!  I am so excited that he's home and we can have some normalcy for a while.


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