Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kudos, Kiddo Edition

It's time for another edition of Kudos!  In which I give props to fellow bloggers photos from the past week (ish).  I am also attempting to stall on photos from France because Dan is still in France with the camera.

In honor of our new kiddo, Baby Bread, this edition of Kudos will feature Kiddos!

This is Harper of Harper's Happenings.  Don't get jealous but we've met Harper.  She is a HOOT!  I loved Mandy's post about Scot's day off and their yummy family breakfast together.  Dan and I cherish the days, especially mornings, that we get to hang out together.  And, I love breakfast food and I love Mandy so this post was favesies.  I love this photo of shirtless Harper ready to stab into that pile of toast.  Okay, now I'm hungry.  

So, Melissa over at hi, baby chalked her daughter's hair.  Lucky girl!  It looks fabulous and I love everything about this photo.  The turquoise earrings, purple hair bow, pretty blonde locks.  So cute!

Mandey's twin baby boys are so cute I want to puke.  A bow tie and an afro!?  AH!!!  I love the tint in this photo and the little dude's expression.  Check her out at Mama and the Dudes.

Carlotta from Pastor's Girl's Ponderings dedicated a post to her sister, Lilly, for her sixth birthday.  I love all the photos but this one was my favorite.  What a sweet sister she is!

This little cutie belongs to Works of Anselm.  I loved Naomi's post about her baby boy and his made up language.  It gets me all excited for when Baby Bread starts to talk (which could be a long time because he's delayed in that area).  

This is Emily's oldest son reading and hula hooping.  Talented, no?  I started reading Emily's blog, Anderson Crew, when she was going through the adoption process of Elsa, a little girl from Ethiopia.  Emily takes great photos of her six (Yes, SIX!) kids all the time and THAT is worth lots of Kudos.

See ya next time!


  1. Lindsy, you are just the sweetest! Thank you so much for featuring me, friend!

  2. They are all adorable. makes my ovaries hurt a little...


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