Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Modern Day Vagabonds

Well, my last tour ended strong and vacation is now upon us.  Lindsy arrived on Monday night and we've driven around the Arizona desert like some modern day vagabonds.  This is our third vagabond trip; we've spent a week "camping" in Los Angeles twice before.   I feel like the best way to be a tourist is to see the land through the eyes of a local and so far that is what we've tried to do!  We've eaten at local restaurants, hiked neighborhood trails, and gotten lost in the local streets.  We are looking forward to a weekend at the Grand Canyon.  Lindsy wanted to walk across the Skywalk but it's 242 miles away from the South Rim so we'll be playing it safe.  It's always so nice to get away and see life through new eyes.

Here's a little 30 second video we put together and some pictures I took.

Keep it real homies,


  1. cute video!! we miss you....we're having so much snow right now!!

    1. I'm so bummed I'm missing the snow! I like snow. (Miss you, too!)


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