Monday, January 23, 2012

Ghost Towns and the Wild West

I have always been fascinated with the wild west. I think every boy is. It's embedded in our hearts. So as we got closer to our trip to Arizona, I started researching ghost towns. I found a site that just had places where there used to be a post office. There were a lot of post offices north of Phoenix  in the late 1800's and where all these post offices were, there were little towns with 10 - 20 people. So Lindsy and I set out to find a few. We took an exit off the highway and within a half mile we were on a wild adventure down a rough dirt road. The roads were so choppy that we had to go about 25 miles an hour and it was worth it!  We found the town of Bumble Bee, population 19, and the town of Cordes, population 11. Arizona is such a beautiful state! I never thought I would say this, but I really feel like I could live here (granted, it's January and about 60 degrees cooler than it is in the summertime).

Here are a few pictures I took on Saturday in the Wild West. Enjoy!

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