Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Baby Brother

My little brother, Bryce, turned 21 last week!  I still cant wrap my head around it.  He was 11 when I left for college and I have only lived with him for about 3 months since then.  I feel like I missed out on most of his life.  Dan doesn't have any family nearby and Bryce doesn't have any brothers so they've become good buddies.  

He's a good kid.  He only had one drink on his birthday and he didn't like it.  He would prefer to smoke a cigar than have a drink.  He is a hard worker and he's very funny.  And ladies... he's single!


These are his friends (and some of mine, too!)

One of Bryce's friends has a tattoo similar to mine!

Cajun tots!  A McMenamins specialty.
We hung out at McMenamins.  They are a family who buy old properties and turn them into bars and restaurants.  Some have wedding chapels, some have fancy restaurants, pools, hotel rooms, theaters.  They're so much fun!   We started at McMenamin's Chapel Pub for dinner and then we went to Kennedy School, also a McMenamins, because they have a cigar bar. Kennedy School has a hotel and pool and the bar is in the old boiler room.  It was so fun!

McMenamins Chapel Pub.  On Killingsworth in NE Portland.

And I have heard and read that Tacoma's getting one, too!!!  I cant wait!!!
Will this building be the next McMenamins?!?!?  [I hope so]


  1. Just wanted to say that McMenamins has the best cajun tots ever! i love looking through your photos and blog (: I miss you guys!

    -Clara Gosselin


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