Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Matt, Jill & Jack

These are some of our very best friends: Matt and Jill and their little baby, Jackson.  I had the honor of taking their family portraits for their Christmas card this year.  We took photos of Jackson at their house.  Babies are the most comfortable in their own homes so I try to arrange for that as often as possible.  They took me to this abandoned dairy barn near their house to take some family photos of the three of them.  It was really a really beautiful place and I'd love to take some more photos there.  Jack was so cold and tired by the time we got around to taking the family photos that he wasn't too smiley. I had so much fun anyway.  (And I hope they did too!)

I designed this Christmas card to show off my graphic design skills and it turns out that they liked it and used it!  I think if I had the time [and money] to get some more schooling I'd like to be a graphic designer.  It's one of my favorite things to do.


  1. We love our photos! Thanks again, Lindsy!

  2. love them. what a cute little guy!

  3. what adorable photos, linz! i love the closeup of jackson.


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