Saturday, August 20, 2011


In yesterday's announcement I didn't explain what made us decide to do Foster-to-Adopt.  The "WHY" is more important to us than the "HOW".

We have been talking about adoption for a few years now.  It's something we've always said we'd do.  Once we started talking about it more seriously, we talked about how special it would be to adopt before we ever tried having our own biological children.  One of our fears, which I think is very natural and valid, is being rejected or resented by an adopted child so wouldn't it be cool if the child knew that they were chosen? Not as a back-up plan but a first pick.  

We've been on a waiting list for adoption for over a year.  We found out in July that there is no sign in the near future as to when that organization could accommodate us,  so we were referred to the Foster-to-Adopt program.  Just as we find our foundation for the sanctity of life in The Bible, Dan and I also believe that God created adoption.  In the same way, foster care is a Biblical commandment that Dan and I want to take literally; to care for those who cannot care for themselves.  We are so excited to share our love with a kiddo!

During the summer of 2008, we had some friends over who have adopted.  We asked lots of questions since it was something we were interested in.  Ever since that night I've been keeping a journal specifically about this process that Dan and I are going through -- not, like, everyday or even every month.  It's just a story of what we've been through to get this child as well as our feelings, hopes and fears. When the child is old enough, we plan on giving them the book. 


  1. I am soooo excited for you guys. God has really been revealing to me in random ways how he has a special place for the poor, the orphaned, the oppressed and the widowed in our world. When so many people in our world are being reckless with human life, it's so refreshing to hear you intentionality in choosing adoption. Best wishes to both of you.

  2. You don't even know me Lindsy, we've met once or twice. LOL I'm friends with Terra A. I knew Dan when he was in H.S. --at any rate, I've followed your story, journey etc... and think it is a marvelous thing. It's not typical for people to view foster care and/or adoption as a Biblical mandate and I commend you both for that. Interesting, since WE as Christians have been adopted ourselved by our Heavenly Father. I was also adopted literally--and as an adoptee know first-hand what a wonderful gift you are giving your child. In particular because you "Chose them first" as you said. What a neat concept! I will be praying Holy Spirit blessings on your family, that indeed the child you pick up today will be the one who is meant to be in your family for a lifetime. That the baby will know that he is NOT rejected, but that he is loved personally by a God that knows him personally. And that God pours himself into you all 100 fold for what you are willing to pour into the life of that little one. God bless you guys!!! Much love to you and the entire "READ" family.


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