Monday, July 11, 2011

Midwest (2 of 3)

The Lake

Floating on her lilypad and trying to drink the lake!

Photo of the Day. 07/03/11.

Brittny woke me up Sunday morning with a phone.  "It's Dan," she says.  I knew it wouldn't be good news.  He hadn't moved since the last time I talked him.  I found out later that he and Sam walked 7 miles at 2am and got picked up by a police officer.  Did they really think they could find tools and a fuel pump at 2am in the middle of NOWHERE?

They needed Uncle George to come get them.  They found a place to junk the van and Brittny went with George to help him figure out where to stop and find these two crazy men.  So, that leaves me at my husband's aunt and uncle's house.  It wasn't weird.  We're very close.  I spent a couple hours chatting with Grandma Marge and Aunt Margie.  Then, Brittny's brother, Marc, and his wife, Melody, asked me if I wanted to go to the lake to visit Brittny's OTHER brother (there are five kids in their family).

It was 5 hours to where Dan and Sam were so I knew they would not return until about 6pm.  So, I went!  And it was so fun. They have a daughter who was born on our anniversary last summer (8/23) and she is a DOLL!  She just learned to walk so she was all over the place.  It was so fun to run after her.

The midwest is full of lakes and since it's so cold and snowy all winter they really take advantage of the weather.... as long as it's not TOO hot and muggy.  July 3rd was perfect, high 70s and not too humid.  The lake was perfect temperature, too.

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