Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Health Update

Photo of the Day. 04/05/11.
The 8 little girls in the frilly dresses behind the supplements are our nieces. (Adi, Evah, Bam-Bam(Kaylen), Asher, Kendall, Karissa, Kealey, Leah) I'm not in a bloggy mood. I'm going to make this quick. I'm only writing this because I promised I would two weeks when I told you about my trip to the Naturopath. I took a ton of tests and yesterday I got the results and came home with a TON of supplements/remedies/medicines. There are a lot of weird things going on but nothing TOO major (like diabetes or hypothyroidism, thank God!). In short, my liver isn't absorbing nutrients or filtering toxins like it should. I eat really healthy but my Potassium, Lithium, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, and Magnesium and Sodium were all VERY LOW. She said my adrenals are shot. I didnt know what adrenals were so I looked it up. Basically, they are responsible for handling stress. I had the worst year last year. It's no surprise that I have stress-related body issues. The air in my intestines is likely due to eating some type of food that my body doesn't agree with, usually a carbohydrate like oats or rye. I have some digestive tablets that should help me digest this stuff (and get my waistline back to it's former size!). The supplement I'm most excited about is Lithium. Lithium, not like batteries or the anti-psychotic drug: Lithium carbonate, is a mineral we all need. My test showed that I have "0" of it. NONE. It helps with mood which would explain a whole lot! She said the Lithium would help me feel better within a day. I've taken it twice and I think she's right. YAY! I'm a huge advocate of the Naturopath. A "regular" M.D. would have probably prescribed me with an anti-depressant and told me to eat less fiber. This common-sense internal medicine gets to the root and makes more sense. Hopefully this will be my last health post for a long, long time because I'll just be normal again.


  1. That's so cool to hear. Greg has been feeling gross for a few months now and just had all these tests done with an MD and they basically said there is nothing wrong with him. He's tired, and run down all the time. We have just gotten the names of two naturopaths in town and are seriously considering going. I think you should do more health posts and let us know how much better you start feeling with these things!

    So glad you're feeling better :)

  2. wowzers...did your insurance cover any of that?

    Which natropath did you go to? I think i'd like to make a trip too!

  3. She takes my insuance so I just pay my co-pay. I dont think she even marks up the supplements beause they were cheap. Insurance paid for blood work and the hair test was just $23 for me ($110 without insurance).

    Audrey, give it a try!


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