Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Social Media

I'm trying to get my social networking N*Sync (I had to spell it like that... I love N*Sync). So, I've got my Twitter on my blog..... and my Facebook page on my blog and my website...... and my website on my Twitter, blog and Facebook page/profile/group. The main problem is: I have THREE Facebook pages! My new LMR Photography Page, my personal profile, and an LMR Photography Group . The group is from 2008 and I've been waiting for Facebook to allow groups to be made into pages. Apparently, it's not gonna happen so yesterday I finally caved and started a page. More problems: Should I delete my group? And how do I get my "employer" on my personal profile to be "LMR Photography" without it starting a WHOLE NEW PAGE??? Facebook does not need 3 LMR Photography pages. [sigh]. I'll keep messing with it. Conclusion: Social media is annoying.

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  1. hmm. you SHOULD be able to make it your employer and have it link to the page that already exists. when i added my employer as my blog (ha) i just started typing it in and it came up to link to? i agree though - social media is crazycakes.


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