Monday, March 28, 2011

Run Run Run

Sam stretching before our 2nd run on Saturday.

Photo of the Day. 03/26/11. Chambers Bay, a challenging three mile loop in University Place. Paved trail with lots of hills.

Not to be confused with my last blog post, Sun Sun Sun, this blog is about my weekend. I am training for Mt. Si Relay with a couple friends and a couple aquantainces. It's a five person team, three men and two women, and we are running 59 miles on Sunday, April 10th. I will be running legs 4 and 9 of the race. I wanted to get the feel of running twice in one day so Sam and I ran 5-Mile-Drive at Point Defiance early in the morning, then went to a coffee shop in Fircrest to meet with the team and go over some race-day details, and then ran again at Chambers Bay. I had stayed up way too late with friends the night before. It was raining and I was tired and I just didn't want to do it. Having Sam with me definitely helped! He has so much energy (like, jumping over logs and off of rocks energy) and he's faster than I am. To be honest, I don't want to do this relay anymore. I like team sports but I got into running to challenge myself. Running is about personal records and pushing yourself to go a little faster than last time or a little further than last time. If I may be candid, I just don't want to let my team down. The snowboarding accident that took place a month ago happened right in the midst of what should have been my best training runs. I just don't feel prepared. Fingers crossed, my goal is to run fast no matter what. Seems simply enough. Wish me luck! _____________________________________________________________

Photo of the Day. 03/27/11. Spring storm clouds.

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