Saturday, July 12, 2014

Around Nashville: Percy Priest Lake

We believe we found the best place in Nashville: Percy Priest Lake. As Pacific Northwesterners, we are accustomed to all the outdoorsy things. It's just in our DNA. I'm not so sure all Tennesseans enjoy romping around in lakes... but it's one of my favorite things of all time. For the record, we have yet to see a water moccasin.

At Percy Priest we've tried Anderson, Cook, Seven Points, Hamilton and Smith Springs. For small kids, Seven Points and Smith Springs recreation areas are great! Shoes are a must at any spot. Seven Points has a huge rock slab that is about knee deep for little ones. Anderson has a sandy shore and an outdoor shower, with $4 parking. Hamilton is gorgeous but there's no swimming allowed, just BMX, hiking and a playground so save this one for a not-too-hot day. All of the spots I've been to have bathrooms (which are a MUST for anyone with a bladder) and picnic tables with bbqs! All you need for summer fun is at Percy Priest, if you ask me!

We'd like to acknowledge our previous post and thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well-wishes and thanks to those who've reached out to us. We're doing well.

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